For the reader: -

It remains the consumer's responsibility to check the credentials of all advertisers with whom they do business. Caxton offers advertising services to advertisers, but cannot be held responsible for the accuracy of any advertisements it publishes. Caxton cannot be held responsible for any misleading claims, financial loss or damages that may come as a result of doing business with any entity that advertises in any Caxton publication.

For the advertiser: -

Caxton Newspapers JHB - General Classified Advertising Conditions of Acceptance

Important: Classified advertisements are only for publication in Caxton Newspapers and / or any publication subject to the following conditions:

  1. Proof of publication / tear sheets for advertisements will not be submitted to the advertiser by the publisher.
  2. Although every effort will be made to meet the wishes of the advertiser, no undertaking can be given in this regard in respect of the date of publication, distribution, the form and condition of the entry/ies, the number of copies and place of distribution, or any other aspect of an advertisement.
  3. Advertisement orders are not accepted subject to editorial space being given.
  4. The publisher is entitled to withhold any advertisement from publication and to cancel any advertisement order that has been accepted.
  5. The publisher is entitled to withhold any advertisement considered unsuitable for publication by reason of its appearance, import, content or wording and may revise adverts or refuse publication thereof.
  6. The advertiser shall have no claim against the publisher whatsoever by virtue of any failure to publish, or for publication on dates other than those stipulated by the advertiser, or any typographical or any other errors or any kind or for any loss or damages in consequence of any of the above.
  7. The publisher reserves the right to suspend issue on any day and to increase or decrease the usual number of editions printed without notice. Cost will be changed accordingly and advertisers will be advised.
  8. Space is sold to the advertiser for the purpose of making announcements concerning his own business and also may not be used for attacking or making comparisons with other advertisers, firms, institutions or persons.
  9. Until cancelled (T.C.) orders may be discontinued on a week's notice prior to print date by either party except in the case of guaranteed or special positions when one month's notice is required.
  10. On the announcement of new tariff rates, the balance of the order will be subject to the new rate.
  11. Any advertiser or advertising practitioner placing an advertisement in any Caxton publications indemnifies that newspaper against any liability whether in respect of damages, cost or otherwise that it may incur as a result of the publication of that advertisement.
  12. Advertising agencies do not qualify for any discounts for classified advertising, except where a court or any competent judicial body has ordered otherwise.
  13. Copy must conform to all Government's, legal, ethical and Caxton Company requirements for the acceptance of advertisements.
  14. Advertising clients guarantee that the reproduction of text and/or images provided to the media company for advertising purposes contravenes neither copyright legislation nor any other law.
  15. Where advertisements are booked and material arrives after deadline or fails to arrive, the space it would have taken up may still be charged for.
  16. It is the responsibility of the advertiser to report any errors in advertisements within two days of publication.
  17. Deadlines may be varied by the company at any time.
  18. No liability for any errors in translation will be accepted.
  19. Copyright exists on all advertising material originated by Caxton regardless whether published or not.
  20. When booking / cancelling a classified advertisement a reference number MUST be quoted. No queries will be dealt with if this reference number is not quoted.
  21. Credit will not be given for typographical errors, subject to Caxton's discretion.
  22. Response to advertising is not guaranteed.
  23. Please note that the practice of using the letter A to gain access to the top of a particular column is against the policy of this newspaper. Only registered company names and sensible use of the English / Afrikaans language will be accepted in this instance.
  24. All advertisers must supply us with their physical and postal address and a copy of their ID document or company registration document.
  25. Paid for up front advertisements - lifts, employment wanted and adult entertainment - payments can be made by credit card, direct deposit or cash at our office.
  26. Calls may be recorded for quality purposes.